March 2022 - Questions for the Tezos Foundation

Dear Tezos Community,

We’re happy to open the floor to new questions for the Tezos Foundation! Feel free to share your question here, and we’ll do our best to answer it shortly.

The most frequently asked questions will be added to our FAQ.

When the foundation approves grants, do you give clear OKRs to the receiving party, and make the grant dependant on those OKRs?

Why was TQ Tezos resolved? What where the reasons for this step?

Who are all successor companies from TQ Tezos?

Was TQ Tezos a sub-organization of Tezos Foundation?

Now that TQ is no more, who will work to spearhead new token standards & cooperation toward developer sanity? →

Dear @noodlestomatojuice

Thank you for your question.

When a grant proposal is submitted, the proposer has to provide objectives, expected results and how they plan on measuring these.

After the proposal has undergone the review process and if it has been approved for a grant, the proposer and the Tezos Foundation work together to include these goals and results in the grant agreement as “milestones”. Milestones are linked to a specific duration, and have to be achieved by a certain date. The grantee has to submit a milestone report that includes the results achieved by the previously mentioned date. This report is then reviewed by specialists of the area and the Tezos Foundation Operations team. If the report is approved, the payment for the milestone is issued.

For more information about the grant process, we invite you to take a look at here.

Dear @pepe

Thank you for your question.

In 2021, TQ reduced its footprint while helping set up additional teams in order to be able to better support the ecosystem. Teams like Interpop, Oxhead Alpha and Blokhaus are now well established and supporting the ecosystem in specialized ways. TQ still exists and it supports several of these teams in a more limited, focused and operational capacity. TQ has always been a service provider in the Tezos ecosystem, the scope of services has simply changed.

Actions to spearhead new token standards and cooperation among developers was split among several teams in the Tezos ecosystem such as Oxhead Alpha, Tezos Commons and TZ Connect. TriliTech is also working towards becoming a center of excellence and helps to coordinate core development teams’ efforts.

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This is very informative and well explained, thank you.

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