Mastering Tezos Book

To be honest I am not sure in what category to put this.

Recently I had the thought:

There is a Mastering Bitcoin book
There is a Mastering Ethereum book
There is a Mastering Monero book

What about a Mastering Tezos book? Has someone considered this idea?
Its obviousla a lot of work and I do not know what criteria need to be met for Oreilly.
But this seems beneficial for Tezos and the outreach. I could donate for this cause, others probably too :slight_smile:


Many probably think it makes no sense as Tezos is evolving fast. I would agree 1-2 years ago. But now there is a solid foundation that wont change much or at least not every couple months so I see it makes sense now and would benefit.

I own all the three books and enjoy them as great resource. Would be great to add Tezos version to the collection. And while this seems maybe stupid: I think a book adds a lot of legitimacy and visibility to certain parts in the “offline” world.

Also the recent discussion about the second Mumbai proposal with an invoice of 100k tez for TF - got me thinking. This mechanism can be used in the next proposal for an interested party that commits in writing the book! Let say add a smaller amount as invoice in the next proposal and after publishing a second one…