Memo Field in Transactions

Tiamat writes “I’m looking for a way to store information (few bytes) in a Tezos transaction, on BTC I’m using OP_RETURN field but is there a similar field in Tezos transactions ?”

Arthur replied “… it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add native support for a memo field in transactions in future protocol versions.”

A memo field would extend the functionality of Tezos by a lot without much code change. It would help create easy integration points and allow Tezos to act more like a database. The link above describes that we currently need to jump through many hoops for something that could be taken care of by a simple memo field. Bitcoin and many other coins have this native ability including our competition Algorand. I highly advise this be added to a future protocol version before developers discover the power of the memo field in other coins.


Agree, let’s do it.

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Would TZIP Explorer address this functionality?

If not, why not? What could a memo field do that the above cannot do?

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Great idea! :raised_hands:

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Hi dungar that is an excellent TZIP however that one is geared towards the metadata of a token and I am more concerned with the metadata of a transaction. Each transaction can act as a record in a database.