Merge both tezos wikis into one for synergy effects


I just noticed there is a Tezos Agora Wiki:
And then there is the Tezos com Wiki:
And whatever happened with TQTezos but they have (for me) a kind of Tezos wiki too: Digital Assets on Tezos · Digital Assets on Tezos

Wouldnt it be better to merge all three into one instead of trying to maintain both? (I assume TQ Tezos docs are not maintained anymore but still have great content)
Two wikis that serve the same purpose is kind of a bit overhead? Especially when we keep in mind that there is also Opentezos!

This is the Tezos wiki com Github: GitHub - tezosweb/
This is the Agora Wiki Github: GitHub - tezosagorawiki/wiki: The Tezos Agora Wiki
This is the TQ Tezos content Github: GitHub - tqtezos/ Source code for the website

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I support this in principle. The fragmentation around Tezos information is somewhat discombobulating to be honest.


Who is in charge of the Tezos website and Tezos Agora website? Would be good to get the responsible people connected to improve this

There is also which is maintained and contributed to more directly by core developers.

OpenTezos is hosted by NomadicLabs but they accept PRs

Is a complex answer today as reorganization is in progress
I have pending requests on it still on hold

Can you share some details about the reorganization?
I hope the wikis are part of the process :eyes:

Why is it a complex answer and what kind of reorganization?

Marketing team reorganization and also dev ecosystem roadmap

Well, I submitted a lot of PR recently.
We should have some changes soon once is pushed to prod

What happened with OpenTezos?
The site looks totally different. Actually it is unusable for me on mobile.
And the login button redirects to some weird website with the name login france. This looks sus.

Why cant it be like the Ethereum developer portal, this looks so intuitive for me

Or the solana developer portal

I cannot recommend this website to others anymore :frowning: Come on we can do better

Dev ecosystem roadmap sounds exciting, I hope it will be also available to the public!

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Just to ensure this thread captures most recent status, the issue you encountered seems to have been resolved and was probably some hosting settings. looks as normal again.

Curious though if more has become clear about the mentioned reorg and how it impacts marketing/comms & developer docs? (pinging @zamrokk)

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I just noticed that there is a new opentezos beta:

It looks definitely better now. But the links look weird compared to the current version.

Also I see a documentation portal on tezos website that was not there I think: Tezos Developer Documentation and Reference