Mnemonic key converter

A little request to baking bad, or TezTech, or anyone else who wants to create this.

I have a request to have a Mnemonic code converter for bip39(tz1),Secp256k1(tz2), NIST P256(tz3) created, similar to this website

There is also also created an offline version which I use regularly for encrypting and decrypting my ethereum address when I feel like changing the private key encryption password for myself or my customers. It works really well, and I find myself using it 5-6 times a week just trying to sort out peoples ethereum/erc20 wallket issues.

Looking around on google, you were able to do it with eztz

and I used it in the past(2 years ago), but it is outdated and doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Smartpy also seems to have a solution, but, a lot of people are getting the
TypeError: ‘secret_key’ is an invalid keyword argument for this function error, and it only seems to work on certain versions of pi.

If we could get a tool, a simple static html file to encrypt and unencrypted these secret/encrypted files like ethereum, it would make life a lot easier for a mid-career engineers to help out the end users of the Tezos protocol.

Anyways, sorry for posting this here, I feel like this will get the most attention, and if there is a solution out there, feel free to post it here and I will make an in depth tutorial so other users can take advantage of this tool.

Warm regards,

Mack(KryptStar Staking)

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“research and development” would be a better category. You’ve posted this in the “AMA” section.

Maybe hedge your bet by posting this also at and/or Developer Telegram:

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Yes eztz is no longer maintained.

JS-based libraries:

Tezos Core Tools:

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Thank you, sorry I wasn’t sure which section would be appropriate. I went ahead and updated the thread. I’ll post at those locations as well.