Multi signature wallet

Hi, I am member of UltraDao, and we’re looking to invest in NFT’s on Tezos. In order to do so we would need a multi signature wallet for Tezos. I have asked in the discord, but other than a reference to build it via a smartcontract I didn’t get an answer. I am not a developer myself, we would be looking for a normal UI featured multisig wallet. Are there wallets available yet or known work in progress?

The tezos-client has native, built-in multisig capabilities. Not sure of any UIs around it though.

Have you tried TzSign?

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Yes I have, but couldn’t get it to work and it is still on testnet too. That looked the most promising so far though.

/u/krixt is right: tezos-client is one way to do it, if you don’t mind the CLI.

For a more usable way to do it; nothing that I’m aware of, at this point.

That said, since you asked about work in progress, Umami ( is planning to release multisig sometime in Q4.

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