Mumbai post-activation survey

Dear bakers and builders,

Thank you for contributing to the successful activation of Mumbai, Tezos 13th protocol upgrade!

Today, we reach out to ask for your help to continue improving the protocol activation experience. We have prepared a survey targeting bakers and tool developers – but anyone running a Tezos node is more than welcome to answer:

This survey (which can be submitted anonymously) aims at assessing your overall experience with the protocol activation, and prompts you to describe any issues encountered.

Moreover, it provides a way to send us logs from your nodes and bakers, and performance scraping information (e.g., from netdata, prometheus, or from the Octez node’s monitoring subsystem) if available.

This information will enable us to reflect on the experience with a richer data-set, perform due diligence, and also gather more intel about the diversity of hardware and node configurations on Tezos’ Mainnet.

We kindly encourage you to fill out the form, and to contact us here (or on #general-discussion on the Tezos Baking Slack) if you need assistance with this task.