NaTaS Network Framework Proposal 1

Welcome to the NaTaS Network.

We have transitioned the zero digit NaTaS Token into a DAO Token to provide more interaction with our NaTaS community.

We would like to maintain a periodic Awards System and focus on NFT artists of Tezos that specialize mostly in the Dark/Evil art style.

We need a name for these Awards and hope to have Homebase help us make this decision.

So here is a framework proposal to help guide us.

Please feel free to make your own proposals regarding this or any other NaTaS Token matter.

Vote Yes : Determine the Awards Program name by picking the first 4 yes voted name proposals and having a bracket style vote for them in the cycle following the 4th yes voted name. This would include any yes voted name that may occur during this cycle with other proposals

Vote No: Nah, let’s do something different

This vote will send One NaTaS Token from the treasury to the PixelDeMN account as well

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