New Release Alert: Taqueria v0.36.0 by Pinnacle Labs

Hello Tezos Agora,

We’re excited to announce that Taqueria v0.36.0 is now out of the kitchen! This is our first major release since Pinnacle Labs took over stewardship from ECAD Labs.

We’ve been hard at work adding improvements and refining the experience. From fixing the SmartPy plugin, revamping our CI/CD setup, to supporting the latest version of Deno, we’re committed to making Taqueria an even better tool for the Tezos development community.

We’ve also updated our Taqueria Visual Studio Code Extension which is now maintained by Pinnacle Labs. Check it out here.

You can find the detailed list of changes and updates in our release notes.

Feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions, or even your favorite taco recipe. After all, we’re all in this together.

Bon appétit and happy coding!

The Pinnacle Labs Team

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