New TZIP Draft: Account Abstraction

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Hi all,
I have been discussing this with some folks, including Arthur, to come with a standard for account abstraction. This proposal uses events to identity verification instead of message signing, given contracts dont have keys. I look forward to you feedback. Thank you.


I shared an update on this in the proto-ecosystem call., Thomas Haessle and Daniel Hines on this. A few outcomes came from it:

  1. renaming the TZIP draft to be specific, lets say “Proof of Event: message signing alternate for smart contracts”
  2. discussion on how the standard can work for’s dApp (they have already implemented a smart contact wallet and have a vested interest)
  3. dedicate slack channel, coming soon
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public slack channel here: #accountabstraction-tzip

The draft has been merged. To contribute to the conversation please join the slack channel.

There are discussions on the need for a simulated proof of event to avoid gas fees and reduce burden on dApps. I will be creating a new draft as an extension of the above TZIP. Will share here.

simulated proof of event tzip MR is up

Following is the link to MR