New Version of mainnet-staging branch 03/12/2019

We released a new version of branch mainnet-staging (git commit hash is fc8990b1adf06f8311e3c99d5f243062d2f04846 ). To update your node, do the usual: stop your node, run git checkout mainnet-staging && git pull && make build-deps && eval $(opam env) && make . If you start your node, you will be prompted by a message telling you to update your storage version. If you were already on mainnet-staging , just run ./tezos-node upgrade storage (possibly with --data-dir <DIR> ). If you are on mainnet , you have several options:

  • start from a clean data directory and import a snapshot, possibly use the new reconstruct command (see below);
  • bootstrap from scratch.

This new version contains improvements to the new storage backend which make it more reliable and more efficient.

This new version also contains a new command: reconstruct , which can be used to convert a full node into an archive node. This operation is long (a couple of days) but faster than bootstrapping from scratch. It is in particular useful to convert a mainnet archive node to the new storage backend: import a snapshot and run ./tezos-node reconstruct.

We are hoping to release this branch as the new mainnet next week. Current mainnet will stay as a new legacy branch for a while in case you don’t want to update to the new storage backend.


Is this change going to take less disk space? If so, how much less?