NFT Royalties on Tezos: What, if anything, to do about this subject?

Hello friends. I am Daedalus and am not a developer so please forgive my ignorance on the subject. I am an enthusiastic Tezos community member and always trying to educate myself on the more technical of the blockchain and protocol. I wanted to pose a question for discussion, hoping to be educated and help others who may be similar to myself in wanting to learn more about the more technical development side of the blockchain.

There has recently been a big discussion in other chains around the idea of 0% royalties on nft sales. This discussion unraveled in the Solana chain to a large division in the community and some instances of individuals leaving the platform. With no royalty-standard on Tezos, is this a worry for the broader community and should this be worked on if not already (royalty-standard: defined as a royalty % built into the chain where a minimum % must be paid to the originator - my definition (Daedalus))?

Through the observation of this contentious discussion in the Solana ecosystem, my thoughts took me to the ‘what if’ this happened to Tezos? Based off of metrics that I have seen presented from volumes (contract calls & transactions) nfts hold a fairly large percentage of the volume on Tezos. The potential for a fracture in the community/ecosystem would be sad on several levels, but speaking to the on-chain utilization it has the potential to really reverse this upward trend we have observed.

This is all conjecture and may be a bit of fear mongering, admittedly, but wanted to bring this up to potentially head off of a bad scenario and get clearer guidance on this if it were to become an issue.

Questions that I am unable to answer and would love feedback from the broader community are as follows:

Is this an issue that IS worth exploring ?

  • Is this something that the Tezos community broadly does/does-not care about (need to know from Devs as well as artists)

Onchain/token standard: How to engineer if possible?

  • First, is there an ability to have an on-chain royalty standard that is enforceable?
    • This would have to be immune to or address gifts/interpersonal transfers
    • Would a new token standard be viable (FA3r?), giving the creator the ability to enforce with new token
      • Minimum wallet balance needed to execute transaction -similar to any primary mint but takes into account royalty needed
        • Input royalty would be fixed at mint by creator and follow logic of tracing token to original creator and paying that address the *<FA3r%).
        • These would be more or less an ‘art’ token standard

New system:

  • Good Samaritan Score (GSS), new development where you could give feedback on ‘bad actors’ that do not honor royalties
  • Would utilize explorer api’s to query when a nft has been moved and notify the creator, and can verify if royalty has been paid - *optional action
  • Would be able to see who is a good and bad actor, but no ‘real’ enforcement

-Problem Is what, if anything to do about 0% royalties?
-Solutions: Do nothing, do something- lets discuss what can/can’t be done and why/how/when.


Very interesting topic. I believe that freedom of choice will be always the best option on web 3.

-Problem Is what, if anything to do about 0% royalties?
The way objkt is doing it, let the creator choose.


NFT royalties is one of the greatest innovations the blockchain has brought into the art scene. It’s very sad what it’s happening in other chains, where the minter set a % of royalties and then buyers and resellers can ignore it. This a bad practice and I hope Tezos stay clean from this troubles. So far I haven’t heard of a marketplace that can override royalties on Tezos yet, but in case it already exists or someone is trying to come up with something like this, it would be great if it were simple impossible on Tezos.

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I 100% agree, i think the royalties is a big success for this space, especially given the lack of it irl art. ‘Starving Artists’ doesn’t have to exist on-chain. The problem is the technical feasibility and enforcement, specifically can it be done while not violating certain activities (transfers between your own wallet)?

Latest update is OpenSea (Eth) is now having the debate and there is fall-out with this community as well. So the idea of royalties is not solved, and is there a way to solve this on Tezos and also providing more incentive for artists and collectors to come over?