Octez v19.0~rc1 has been published

A release candidate for Octez v19.0 (19.0~rc1) is available! If this release candidate proves to be stable, it will be released as version 19.0.

We invite you to test this release candidate on Nairobinet, Ghostnet or the upcoming Oxfordnet test networks, and to report any issue on https://gitlab.com/tezos/tezos/-/issues so that they can be addressed in time for the release of v19.0.

This release candidate contains a new version (V11) of the protocol environment, which is the set of functions that protocols can call.

This new version is used by Oxford 2, a revisited protocol upgrade proposal for the successor of Nairobi on Tezos Mainnet.

Octez v19.0~rc1 also includes the Oxford 2 protocol itself and its associated executables.

Starting from version 19, the rollup node is protocol agnostic.

A single executable, octez-smart-rollup-node can be used on all the protocols.

The old executable names have been kept as symbolic links, but will be removed in a future version.

The rollup client is not released anymore. Equivalent RPCs must be used instead of its commands.

Version 19 introduces a history-mode option for the rollup node. It can be either archive or full:

  • The full mode implements garbage collection that reduces disk usage.
  • By default, the rollup node runs in archive mode, without any garbage collection.

A full changelog and update instructions are available in the version 19 release page:


The Git tag for this release is v19.0-rc1 and the corresponding commit hash is 7769d51b1b846c281c8bd9d2f26d46c92954cefd.