Octez v19.2 has just been released!

:mega: A new minor version of Octez, v19.2, has just been released!

:zap: v19.2 addresses an issue for Octez nodes running full or archive history modes, which can result in errors while accessing blocks from the cemented store. Updating to v19.2 ensures blocks can always be retrieved successfully.

:chess_pawn: This release also fixes an issue in the Smart Rollup node, where the incorrect computation of Dissections could cause honest players to lose refutation games.

:open_book: A full Changelog and update instructions are available in the version 19 release page.

:placard: The Git tag for this release is v19.2 and the corresponding commit hash is 54a158033440551d21857b97b0ccca5153142d14.

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