Octez v20.0 has just been released

:mega: @channel Octez version 20.0 has just been released.

Octez v20.0 includes ParisB 2, a patched protocol upgrade proposal addressing three potentially critical issues in the ParisB protocol proposal. See this announcement for further detail.

Note ParisB 2 is included in v20.0 as a user-activated protocol override. This means that nodes running v20.0 will activate ParisB 2, PtParisBxoLz5gzMmn3d9WBQNoPSZakgnkMC2VNuQ3KXfUtUQeZ instead of the original ParisB proposal before block #5,726,209.

:warning: v20.0 is the minimal compatible version for the Tezos Paris protocol upgrade, which will activate on Tezos Mainnet around June 4th - before block #5,726,209. Thus, we invite you to upgrade your Mainnet infrastructure with sufficient time.

Key features

  • The ParisB2 protocol and its associated executables.

  • The Octez DAL node is now released! Check the documentation for more details.

The DAL node can be used on Mainnet, upon protocol activation, as the Paris protocol will enable the DAL.

  • RPC endpoints now use attestations by default, instead of endorsements. The latter term is still available, but is deprecated and will be removed in a future major version.

  • The Smart Rollup node now supports rollup storage snapshots, providing faster bootstrapping of Layer 2 nodes without having to replay the complete rollup history. Operators can now import or export snapshots using brand new octez-smart-rollup-node snapshot import / export commands – See this guide for further details.

:zap:Starting from Octez version 20, packages for different Linux distributions are provided directly on the release page. Binary packages are now available for the following Linux distributions:

  • Debian Linux
  • Fedora Linux
  • Rocky Linux

You may now install binaries by downloading their packages from the Octez release page, browsing to your distribution and then installing them using package managers.

:open_book: A full changelog and update instructions are available in the version 20 release page.

:placard: The Git tag for this release is octez-v20.0 and the corresponding commit hash is 0dcf32097f5144ddf8cc8dc9bf52e49501f40ed7.