Octez v20.1 has just been released

:mega: Octez v20.1 has just been released!

This minor version is an urgent update and includes ParisC, an urgent protocol bugfix for a critical liveness bug in Tezos Smart Rollups. See this announcement for more details.

:warning: ParisC is included in v20.1 as a user activated upgrade at block #5,898,241 – not expected before June 25 2024, 02:12:35 UTC. This means that nodes running Octez v20.1 (and higher) will automatically activate ParisC, just before block level #5,898,241.

Octez v20.1 includes protocol-dependent executable binaries for both ParisB2 and ParisC protocols. We invite bakers to upgrade their infrastructure well in advance of the UAU target!

Octez v20.1 also includes optimizations in the baker binary and other minor fixes and improvements to the Smart Rollup node:

  • V20.1 baker binaries now use finalized blocks in consensus operations. This is done to avoid having operations related to an alternative block that can be discarded when other bakers are missing (or late).
  • The Smart Rollup node has been patched to correctly handle constant updates after protocol activation and introduces a new repair commitments maintenance command which allows recomputing commitment periods if necessary (cf. the disclosed bug in commitment cementation in ParisB 2).

:open_book: A full changelog and update instructions are available in the version 20 release page.

:placard: The Git tag for this release is octez-v20.1 and the corresponding commit hash is 1a991a031e.

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