Offers for 2 Wasm interpreters or Wasm generators: for Michelson and EVM

We have made this offer on Tezos Reddit, but the mods deleted it twice.

We would like to know if there is interest in Wasm Interpreters for Michelson and EVM. We are running the EVM variant on our Cosmos chain already.

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I do it see the reddit post now – it might be the links (it is most always the links) or that Tezos context was indeed not clear.

What sort of “collaboration” you had in mind?

Have you checked the TF’s grants page: Grants – Priorities & Process - Tezos Foundation

Since we are volunteers: we do not do grants.
We have built many variants of the EVM interpreter in Wasm as well as 2 eWasm generators from EVM to Wasm (one in Typescript and one in Go).
We could donate our products to Tezos under the license of formal recognition of the donation.

We could also look at interpreting Michelson in Wasm since our EVM interpreter would work for any stack engine.


Hey @ctzurcanu I have sent you a DM

Might be of interest / relevance, but Marigold has built a Michelson->WASM compiler: tuna/packages/tunac at main · marigold-dev/tuna · GitHub

Thank you. Of course it is relevant and I did not know of it. The remaining part of this offer stands.

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