On-chain NFT enforcement. And please tear apart my article.

Hi all, I’m grum, a Tezos NFT collector. Thanks for the work you all do here improving the Tezos chain and ecosystem.

Are there any plans to attempt to enforce royalties on chain, or create new asset classes that might better incentivise royalty payments (or punish failure to pay them)?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about NFT royalties the last few weeks and after the magic Eden announcement I decided to get my thoughts down.

I have very little experience as a developer, so there is a good chance my proposal is desperately naive of technical limitations but hey I thought I’d just write it anyway and see what people thought. I’d really appreciate any comments and critique. Please just go ahead and tear it apart.

Here’s the link: https://xtztcg.substack.com/p/how-recursive-royalties-will-save

Thanks again,