On PLONK and plookup SNARKs

The PLONK proof system can be used for blockchain applications such as compute compression & privacy which require a succinct zero-knowledge proof system. Plookup might make some operations even faster by replacing large gadgets for computing arithmetically complex operations with a pre-computed lookup table.

Both protocols are based on arguments that two sequences are related by a permutation, so demystifying both just made sense. This post covers the framework of both, without getting bogged down in details of how elliptic curve pairings work.

More zero-knowledge cryptography articles from Metastate:


Great Tezos is looking into Plonk. Just found an interesting comparison of L2: https://medium.com/matter-labs/evaluating-ethereum-l2-scaling-solutions-a-comparison-framework-b6b2f410f955

@mootjes we (myself and others at TQ) are currently researching several possible L2 solutions for Tezos :slight_smile:

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