ParisC is live!

On June 25, 2024 at 07:30:15 UTC, the Tezos blockchain successfully activated the ParisC user-activated upgrade (UAU) on mainnet at block #5,898,241

The upgrade addresses a liveness bug in Tezos’ Smart Rollups, discovered shortly after the activation of Paris, that temporarily affected users’ ability to withdraw funds from Etherlink to Tezos’ layer 1. For more details, see the ParisC announcement.

The deployment of a user-activated upgrade requires a community-wide effort to succeed.

We want to thank everyone involved in the successful deployment of ParisC: developers, bakers, node operators, and the Tezos community at large.

Let’s continue building the future of Tezos together!


Well done guys.

I was nervous about this but now glad we all made it happen accordingly.

Keep up the good work!