PeerPatron Introduction

Hello there,

We’re pleased to at last publish a proper introduction to PeerPatron, a project we’ve been working on for more than a year.

The purpose of PeerPatron is to provide a Tezos-based alternative to Patreon, a crowd patronage platform where users can subscribe to content creators and support them by making small regular donations. We want to bring censorship resistance and permissionless contracting to the field by using smart contracts to handle subscriptions (and content access in the future).

On the technical side, we will publish tools in Reason and OCaml to build DApps on Tezos.

We invite you to read the following introductory article for more background and information:

Thanks to the grant we obtained from the Tezos Foundation a few months ago, we’re close to launching a private beta. In the meantime, you can play around with the online demo, either by using the provided test account, or by using your own Delphinet private key.

Looking forward to discuss the project with you!


I was looking into the website and it looks like it’s only possible to subscribe to a creator with XTZ.
I think XTZ is too volatile to use in something like that. Maybe 5 XTZ per month will be perfect, but the next month we may have a pump and 5 XTZ will be too much (for the patron).

Do you plan to add a USDtz (or similar stablecoin) option for subscriptions?


Hopefully kUSD (Kolibri) is released soon

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Yes, for sure! I agree that we’ll need a bridge to commonly used currencies as soon as we’ll want to reach users beyond the Tezos community. Stablecoins and other tokens support are on our roadmap.


Hey, me again!

Is your contracts open source? Is there a open repository where i can see the code to learn more about it, maybe help a little?

Thanks for your interest Tezos-Hunter!

Unfortunately our code repositories are private for now. We need to clean them and add some documentation. Once this is done, we’ll enable public access, and you’ll be more than welcome to review the code and help if you want.

We’ll open source the contracts first, then the client and finally the server. However, since our current focus is on launching a private beta, we won’t take the time to do it before a few months.

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This looks like an exciting project. Do you mind sharing some statistics about current user base?
Are you planning to expand into a social media kind of process, with curated post feed?