Pepe DAO Gallery and Permanent Collection

GM peepos, we’re here today to start discussing about the opening of a Pepe Gallery and Permanent Collection of Pepe DAO.

The idea is to build a gallery with dao’s vault where we can safely store the best pepe artwork out on tezos.
A team of curator (choosen by the DAO) could make a selection of possible acquisition through the week, while the community will have the whole weekend to vote in a specific Discord channel which artwork will end in the Permanent Collection.
Another role of the curator is that they have to be as much impartial as possible, trying to not pushing their close relatives and frens in the acquisition phase.
Every first week of the month the curator team will focus only on DAO’s artist creation.
If a DAO member want to “flip” some pepe art previously bought it can be done only with a +42.0% max increase of initial buying price.
The goal of the creation of this collection is to spread $PEPE by acquiring PEPE artwork - no other subject will be allowed.
A fund has to be created in order to pay the acquisition through $PEPE payment. We can discuss here how much initially we should ask. My propose is 25Mln $PEPE (circa 5.5K XTZ)

Furthermore, we can think about using a virtual world where pepe dao users can meet and enjoy their time together in a safe way, admiring the dao’s vault collection.
One of the tezos-based solution for the virtual world could be Protoworld | TRIBE which is currently in development but looks really promising. I’ve tested out their features in main beta and works pretty fine especially with 3D art. It has many features of community building.

This want to become the canvas for my 1st proposal, so please feel free to express your opinion!
Thanks for stopping by and read - wish you a good day!



This is an interesting and so far thought-out idea. My suggestion would be to expand this to include ANY kind of NFT, as opposed to limiting the collection to PEPE NFTs. This is a DAO effort organized around a spontaneously arriving “meme token”, to be sure, but I think that it could ultimately benefit the reach and inclusiveness of the DAO by allowing for a more expansive list of potential works that could make it in the collection!

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Thanks Tao for your opinion! Yes we could expand to all form of art, in order to create a community-curated gallery.

A friend of me suggested to make “virtual curation” every time with a different theme, and make the people pay the entry to the DAO, a community work that will repay itself!

Used ticket can become memorials or collectibles too, we can launch a series of event online to make the community have fun while enjoy good art :slight_smile:


Awesome suggestion . I believe it should be any art , I think by limiting it to PepeArt ,as amazing as it is, is very limiting and soon we will run out of frogs.
The curators should be rotated to ensure fairness and the intention clearly stated to curate artworks that will rise in value to benefit the DAO as a whole .
Themes are very restrictive and artists prefer not to have themes but stick to their signature style and unlimited creativity without the gatekeeping of themes. It limits creativity .
I am in the Gary Vee DAO that bought the Veefriend at Christie’s, that original drawing will only increase in value because of GV. Big investment opportunity secured.
This is my opinion only and based on my experience as a collector , artists manager , curator in the Tezos space and founder of The Corals NFT project.