Pepe DAO Permanent Collection -test phase

Good Morning
We’re here to set up some basic protocol procedure to initiate the DAO’s Permanent Collection. A protocol procedure for a DAO is a set of instruction that teach members how to act with different functionality of the dao (proposal injection, nft acquisition, fund granting).
The goal is to find the best way to act as a curator group, using dao’s fund to buy NFT from Pepe et Nunc. This run will be a test, which allows us to make mistake in a smaller scale and find potential bugs/deadroute that could lead to a fund block.
A small group (bacca, bald and taozao) will handle a multisig wallet using The wallet [KT1MiQXi1bit9LC3xAuiaFujosU499Wvk8Hh]will be topped up initially with 500K $PEPE through this proposal (a few Tezos would be sent from the Curators to cover some fees).
Over the course of the next weeks the Curators will test out some proposal acquisition, trying every possible feature avaiable in the multisig.
Our work will be documented in the Discord, giving all the DAO’s member the opportunity to partecipate in the discussion and helping the dao find the best protocol procedure. DAO’s member will also have the opportunity to partecipate in the daily votation of the proposed acquisition.
Once the funds have been terminated and enough test have been made the Curators will move the collection to the official wallet of DAO’s Permanent Collection.


Firmly behind the proposal and would vote in favour. Good work :clap: