Perception of Tezos and the developer problems

I try at every occasional chat to get people try out Tezos and often people do not take me serious with my Tezos talks and just roll eyes. But in fact most never interacted on Tezos. So how come they have this perception?

How come that these people raise so much money by just snapping their fingers after just losing billions of funds - while most Tezos projects and devs struggle real hard to even keep continuing? This is symptomatic for the whole ecosystem and I really struggle to find an answer or solution here. We are all talking since years that Tezos is here to stay and its evolving great and fast but the developers struggle is real and its hurting the whole ecosystem. Tezos is being ignored by the biggest analytic crypto dapps(nansen, dune analytics, even goingecko has no tezos nft tab, coinmarketcap klinks to a wrapped tezos on bnb like wtf?, cryptoslam reports broken data…), by many crypto users, by media outlets(the excellent mumbai proposal was never mentioned?), by investors, by Circle (what happened with the USDC on Tezos announcement two years ago…?)…

By no means I want this to be a price talk thread, I am simply showing the perception of a not negliglible userbase. We cannot influence the price thats a fact but this is again symptomatic to the problems mentioned above. Passionate developers are getting decimated. People need to pay bills and usually many have a stake in Tezos too. While passion is important it will not feed you. Without any help and the current situation - its hard. As I said I dont know the answer but the struggle for many is real.

Another example. As I said, its not all about the price but its also important and part of the equation.

#4 Tezos has a beautiful thriving art scene. But also here I am observing that Tezos only artists are jumping over to Ethereum because they see they can make more “bucks” there. Again thats symptomatic for the whole ecosystem.

#5.: :frowning:

I dont know maybe I am just depressed with all the recent sad news that we saw over the last few months with many people and projects quitting. Its sad to see and sad to see that the perception of Tezos is what it is. Even the Agora forum is a quiet space and if we want to thrive as community this should not be :frowning:


The Tezos brand was tainted very early on and it never fully recovered. I’m still here because I can see the value of the ideas, the technology and community beyond this central governance disaster from 4 - 5 years ago, and I’m hopeful and believe that the market also will. Rebuilding a reputation can in some ways be more complicated and difficult than building tech.


Until there’s adoption, gift of the gab trumps all. This is why we need adoption where walking the talk becomes more valuable.

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Well this makes sense… at some point it evene looks impossible to shake the old reputation off as people do not want to take a second look at Tezos… I mean like here cryptopath. He has a Tezos NFT collection and still isnt convinced of Tezos.

And on another note look at this example how crazy this all seems when put into relation with Tezos dev community:

Just only 3!! DAOs on ethereum spend as much as the Tezos Foundation…
How much does it really cost to run a DAO? | Token Terminal on ethereum spend