Proposal #7 and Sebuh's Baker DAO News

Proposal #7
Proposal on the Agenda for tomorrow Sunday January 9th 2022.
Test Transfer FA2 Token in Batch to user Wallet.
We will be sending 100 PNDC and 100 PND to Sebuh’s Baker’s wallet address.
This test is to ensure the system in place for transfering FA2 Tokens out of the DAO in a Batch is functioning properly.
Click the above link to join the Discourse on!

Onto the Good News!

SEB DAO V2 on has reached a Voting Users count of 45 Today. If you would be interested in joining continue reading and ask questions if you have any!

The recruitment program we initiated has been working pretty well to get new members interacting with the DAO dAPP.

Recruitment Initiative
Join SEB DAO! Very low cost entry with the Recruitment Program.
How it works:

You will send 1 NFT that you created or purchased from another artist you admire to the DAO Treasury as a contribution.

Send it here: DAO.Sebuh.tez
or KT19CF3KKrvdW77ttFomCuin2k4uAVkryYqh

You can confirm the address here on

After you have sent it message our Recruitment Officer Dennis Klicker.
@klickdotdev on Telegram.
@klickdotdev on Twitter.

He will guide you in the next steps to take.

As a form of appreciation for your contribution to the DAO Treasury you will be given some amount of $SEB Tokens. (Varies depending on number of contributions and market rate of SEB)

You will be able to Deposit them into the DAO contracts here:

After about 24 hours you will be able to start voting on DAO Proposals.
By voting in DAO proposals you are also becoming eligible for another SEB drop to your wallet.
Vote Participation is very important for a DAOs growth. That is why we will be incentivizing voting for some time until there is a greater number of active voters.

In other News,

Time-Locked Liquidity! Deep Freezer - brrrrrr
I have locked 80% of my SEB/XTZ LP tokens at This accounts for about 60% of the total SEB LP tokens currently at time of this posting.

There will be an unlock on 4/20, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and My birthday on November 5th.
I did this to show that I am trying to earn good faith from the community with the handling of my project.

New Farm Created at Crunchy.Network!
I have also created a new Liquidity Mining Farm at Crunchy.Network.
You can find it easily here:
SEB Farm Specifications
The farm will start on January 15th and it will run for 115 days 19 hours 11 minutes and 40 seconds.
100K SEB tokens will be distributed. This is 10% of the current supply. I hope this will help distribute more SEB tokens into the Tezos Ecosystem and gain new members interested in participating in the DAO.

d0rg_tech’s developer team led by Nestor Amesty has recently made a series of updates to the NFT Treasury in Tezos-homebase.

You can check the progress of it here:

All the various types of NFTs have been integrated from all types of Tezos NFT platforms. There is still some fine tuning to be done on the DipDup Indexer portion of the dApp that will eventually make the experience of the NFT Treasury much more pleasant. That is one of the main things the developer team is working on right now.

Well I guess that’s about all the good news I can offer for now.

If you made it this far, I want to thank you for showing interest in my project. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, critique, or just want to say HI please do make a comment in the section below!

For more information,
If you would like to join our Telegram Chat community and learn more follow this link:
Telegram: Contact @sebuh_net_chat


I think having a feature either on the side where we could just export lists of wallet addresses that have sent/received things from the treasury wallet address would be really useful. Same thing for Homebase, being able to send things out to all the DAO members outside of submitting an actual proposal would be good. I think I’ll probably put in some feature requests once I’ve thought about it a little more.

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The test transfer went well. On to the next.

Here is a live streamed video walk through of what we have going on so far. Recently recorded by me and Dennis.