Proposal #9 at SEB DAO

Set Tezos Baker back to Public Baking Mode - Set Commission Fee to 15% Starting from Cycle 444.

Currently Baker is at 100% Commission Fee and labeled as a Private Baker.

If this proposal passes baking by will become more in line with what the Tezos Community wants to see.

From Cycle 382 and onward the Baker was set at 100% fee.

Our plan was to take the increased baker profits to fund the SEB DAO treasury. Then use those funds to Grant projects funding.

This plan was met with a lot of criticism after it was put into practice.

There will be a Proposal in the future that will determine if and how much Tezos may be returned to the Liquidity Pools. And how it will be returned. If you want to have a say in that be ready to vote when the time comes.

I will calculate the total amount that was collected from various token projects and post the results here as soon as the ‘Liquidity Contract Delegator Rewards Appropriation’ program has completed.

Possible indirect benefits of deploying this plan.
People are more involved in Quipuswap Liquidity Pool Governance.
People are more aware of their Rewards that are available to be Withdrawn from the Govern tab on Quipuswap.
Disruption caused by it caused baker’s to be more active in Quipuswap Governance.
cTez and WTZ became more attractive.
Other DEXs gained more users as upset people may have left Quipuswap.

The problems of deploying this plan.
People feel like their money was stolen.
Copycats used these same tactics to extract rewards with no benefit to the community.

I will be doing my best to be as transparent as possible from here on out. I should have been more transparent from the start.