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Proposal archive

This area is reserved for SEB DAO Community to Discuss and develop ideas for Tezos Improvement Protocol Proposals.

You injected what, 19 proposals in the space of 2 hours? Reason?

There are multiple reasons.

The main reason was because of lack of options offered.

Granada no lb
Granada lb something other than tzBTC

If these 3 options were presented I would not have demonstrated protocol proposal injection.

I hope now in the future proposals can be broken into multiple parts.

That’s basically it.

Sorry if you felt it was a spam attack, I intended no harm.

Maybe it’s a wake up call, maybe it’s a joke, maybe it’s marketing, maybe it’s a real world test to see how well the governance system works.

Also, I was learning how to make proposals. I promise I will do my best to go about the proper process. I was a bit frustrated with how difficult it was for me. I hope I can get proper guidance now to be able to learn how the system works now.

Thank you.

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