Quipuswap - liquidity protocol for a decentralized token exchange is live on Tezos Carthagenet

For the last half of the year, we have been working hard on the Quipuswap — the protocol that aims to provide an easy interface for a decentralized token exchange on Tezos blockchain. We are proud to share that we have finally reached the milestone where it’s tested and fully working on the Carthage network!

Link on QuipuSwap: https://quipuswap.com/


This is awesome! How is the front end hosted? Can anyone copy it and use their own RPC to duplicate the functionality?

Front-end is currently hosted on the Netlify, but its source code is hosted and publicly available on our Github: https://github.com/madfish-solutions/quipuswap-webapp
As for the copying, yes, you can copy it and run locally on another server - the only thing you should remember that this is yet not in the Mainnet.

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I can’t wait to see it in production! Only thing is it’s so hard to remember to tell what the name is to other people.

When is the mainnet launch planed?

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We’re preparing a bunch of new functionalities, that we hope the community will like. Our roadmap is to be live during the next several months (depending on the time how long it would take to get the security audit results).

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We have been inspired by the following: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quipu - recording devices, which were used by several native demos of America


I love the reference! QuipuSwap definitely looks better than Quipuswap in my opinion because it shows where the first word ends and the next begins.

Thanks for building within the Tezos ecosystem, we love you!

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