Releasing v10.0~rc3 Octez

A new release candidate for Octez (10.0~rc3) is available. If this release candidate proves to be stable, it will be released as version 10.0.

We invite you to test this release candidate, for instance on the Granadanet test network, and to report any issue on Issues · Tezos / tezos · GitLab so that they can be fixed before the release.

Compared to version 9.7, this release candidate changes the storage backend and requires specific care when updating. It also introduces a breaking change for public nodes with the introduction of a new ACL mechanism .

Compared to the previous release candidate (10.0~rc2), this version includes the 9.6 and 9.7 fixes. It also fixes a number of issues related to the new store. As a result, if you were using 10.0~rc1 or 10.0~rc2 you will need to upgrade your store again using tezos-node upgrade storage to go from store version 0.0.5 to 0.0.6. This upgrade should take less than a couple minutes on decent hardware.

Full changelog and update instructions are available in the version 10 release page: Version 10.0~rc3 — Tezos (master branch, 2021/08/10 11:27) documentation

The Git tag for this release is v10.0-rc3 and the corresponding commit hash is 68c4ee8a31b61a36f240ef01dd37e0cc85ac6567.

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