Releasing version 9.3 of Octez

Version 9.3 of Octez has just been released. Octez is the new name for the free, open-source, community-driven Tezos distribution at Tezos / tezos · GitLab (see announcement: Announcing Octez). This version fixes some cases where MDB_MAP_FULL errors could occur and reintroduces more /normalized RPCs which were still missing from version 9.1.

Full changelog and update instructions are available in the version 9 release page: Version 9.3 — Tezos (master branch, 2021/06/23 14:01) documentation

The Git tag for this release is v9.3 and the corresponding commit hash is fcfb53bfd33f8fb22fc8eb30f1cbcde40389efb4 . Branch latest-release now points to this new tag.