Requesting a Tezos Agora Read-Only API Key

Hi Tezos Foundation, (cc @governancy)

I’m writing on behalf of the Tezos Validator Stakefish, where we are currently building infrastructure to make it easier to follow what’s going on the realm of governance proposals. In particular, we’ve found that by the time governance proposals are formally created on-chain, the opportunity to collaborate on the substance of these proposals are missed. Alternatively validators and contributors must periodically check this forum manually to stay on top of things. We hope to build a system that will ingest the discourse topics and notify our protocol specialists when a new topic is created that looks like a proposal.

The easiest way to do this would be via the Discourse API, but this API is only accessible to those with an API key, which only the forum admin can create. Would you consider giving us a read-only API key so that we might build this tool? If we find it useful we would intend to open it up for public consumption.

Teddy Knox

Welcome! Tezos Commons maintains the infrastructure for Tezos Agora with a few other teams. If you are interested in pulling data through a Discourse user API key send me a DM here or connect with me on Telegram @bitc0m.

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