Rocket Launchpad- An IDO Launchpad on Tezos

As an ICO participant, I continuously waited until we had a DEX that was ready for the masses. Quickly after Quipuswap was created, I saw the need for a launchpad to help market and facilitate token launches for new projects on Tezos. I’m a big advocate on the fact that we cannot rely on the Tezos Foundation for everything. So, myself and 2 other ICO participants began building Rocket Launchpad. We have since expanded to a team of 5 and are ready to release the first iteration of our product on the 7th of August. Our vision is simple, help bring and facilitate new projects launching on Tezos.

For now, we plan to introduce:

  • Initial DEX offerings (IDOs)
  • Initial farm offerings (IFOs)
  • Offer baking services from our corporate baker: TzStats - Tezos Block Explorer by Blockwatch
  • Incorporate a DAO to enable the community to eventually take control of Rocket

We have communicated our product to Nomadic Labs, in communication with several products, and launching $GIF token on the 28th of August.

If you are looking to learn about our team or future products, you can read more at

I’m mainly posting this to spread the word about our project, but I would also LOVE to hear feedback. I’m a product designer by trade and user feedback is something I focus heavily on. What are you looking from a project launchpad? What is something you wish we would change or improve?


Frank Kirk
Rocket Launchpad


It seems like the United States isn’t allowed to participate in any of the IDOs - will that be the same case for IFOs? I’ve not seen that before.

We are actually planning to release that information tomorrow in a Medium write up.

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