Sapling support/adoption in Tezos ecosystem - Current state

I looked at better call dev. When I want to shield some ctez to ghostnet what should I need to do? I just see the entrypoint “default” on BCD.

If you choose to interact with the contract through BCD, you would need to generate a sapling transaction through the CLI using your secret key using one of the published sapling guides. This will produce the bytes that the default entry point accepts. As this sapling contract will transfer ctez from one account to another, you will also need to add a token approval for the ctez contract (KT1Q4qRd8mKS7eWUgTfJzCN8RC6h9CzzjVJb) for the amount you wish to shield.

If you interact with the contract through then all you need to do is load up a secret key, then you can shield, transfer, and unshield ctez using the UI. It will also display your shielded balance.

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What I think would be a great addition to the sapling ecosystem on Tezos would be to have some sort of ledger integration for signing sapling transactions.

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This is a great idea. How can we make that happen?

Probably more effective to integrate with wallets directly first