Scaling - Revisited

Hi, all. I am raising the topic of “Scaling” again - I had mentioned it in my prior post, but at the time it was determined that the most likely culprit to slowness was around how nodes needed to be upgraded. I believe we’re at a decent point now, where most nodes have made it to v9.1 or greater.

Given that we only have a few thousand users within the ecosystem, it’s a bit concerning for me that some critical dapps like Kolibri and Quipu may become unusable during times of duress. There are currently two issues I’m trying to wrap my head around:

  1. Yesterday was a good example of slowness across the board: between flame, hen, and crunch, there were a ton of skipped/backtracked transactions.
  2. I am also not sure why we aren’t able to just queue transactions within the same and across different dapps. I believe quipu allows 2 chronological requests max - but if I am playing with 2-3 dapps at the same time, it’s pretty much a given that I need to wait on each subsequent request to get confirmed (either successful or non-successful transaction). It doesn’t look like this is something dapps can control - since I can initiate parallel requests across multiple dapps, only having to witness either Temple of Quipu fail at the RPC level (that is, the second transaction submitted errors out).

I am also referencing Vincent Botbol’s interview - he mentioned hardware being a bottleneck (not sure if this is the case now in reality).

Anyway, would be great if one/some of the core teams can comment on progress/plans in these areas of scaling. It seems #2 is low hanging fruit - in that why not just enable/allow users to queue as many transactions as they want. Anecdotally, I have also interacted with a few H=N users who are annoyed by being unable to work on multiple NFTs at the same time, for e.g.

Thanks for any insights.


Backtracked transaction is an issue with the way dapps and wallet interact and the way in which they estimate gas fees and storage burns, it doesn’t have to do with hardware requirements or scaling.

Same goes for the other issue you describe which is mostly a limitation of how wallets handle nonces, although here the mempool slowness can be part of the story too.

These are known problems and AFAICT people are working on it.