SCORU 1M TPS Demonstration


with the Mumabi upgrade there was some buzz around the possibility to process up to 1MS TPS with rollups on Tezos.

I also read that there was a demonstration planned with documentation how to reproduce it by itself. Obviously I have spread the word…

I did not follow close the topic but the upgrade happened in March and I cannot find much about it when I google it.

Actually this is the #1 Google result: Reddit - Dive into anything

The others are even less relevant.

The only thing that seems to be useful information that I found is this: SCORU/WASM demo · Milestones · Tezos / tezos · GitLab But not sure if thats the demonstration everybody talked about back then?

Can someone enlighten me please or provide additional information? I got asked about the 1M TPS now and cant say more then I said in March…

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The demo will be presented on friday at TezDev. If I am not mistaken, it will be recorded and published on Youtube a few days later.


A live event would be an order of magnitude more effective. Is it too late to make it happen? I mean, someone can just record the session and stream it on YouTube.


This is great, but a live event streaming like RichAyotte is suggesting is a great idea.

After the demonstration is done is a writeup or article planned that explains the process? For others in order to be able to reproduce it - e.g. a post on NL website?

For people that attended, how was the demonstration?

Yes, here is the article: Nomadic Labs - We’re doing 1 million TPS on Tezos! Here’s how.

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