SEB Proposal #10 - Upgrade to SEBDAO v3.1

We are migrating to a new DAO contract on Homebase.

Please check your Available Balance.
Click Here to Withdraw from “Sebuh’s Baker DAO” on the User Page.

Please withdraw your SEB tokens balance from the V2 DAO contract and Deposit in the v3.1 Contract for continuing participation.

Click here to reach SEBDAO v3.1 User Page.

This Proposal will, Transfer all Altcoin token balances to the new DAO contract using the Transfer Funds Option.

5.14 Tezos will be sent to Klick.tez guardian role compensation.

Here are the settings for the upgraded SEBDAO.

The New DAO Treasury Contract Address: KT1HZrCKjX7y1WBD13JbHKUUiRMsk1ajtDqT
DAO Token Ticker : SEB
Name: SEBDAO v3.1
Description: Visit for more information.
(Site is not up yet, will update that as it becomes ready.)

DAO Settings
Administrator:, Sebuh Honarchian, Sebuhnet.tez

Guardian:, Dennis Klicker, Klick.tez

Governance Token Contract Address: KT1981tPmXh4KrUQKZpQKb55kREX7QGJcF3E
Governance Token ID: 0


Voting Period Duration: 6666 blocks
2d 7h 32m -

Flush Delay Duration: 13337 blocks
4d 15h 8m

Proposal blocks to expire: 133337 blocks
46d 7h 8m

Stake required to propose: 10 Available SEB Tokens locked in DAO.
Stake returned if rejected: 69% of locked tokens

Each period, a new quorum threshold is calculated based on the precious’s period participation. It is set as a percentage of the governance token’s total supply

Quorum threshold: 22%
Initial % of SEB’s Supply required as votes to pass/reject a proposal.
Total Supply: 1000000

Quorum Change: 1%
Participation adjustment value.

Quorum Max Change: 2%
Maximum Participation adjustment value

Quorum Min. Amount: 13%
Minimum Value the quorum can change to after participation adjustment

Quorum Max. Amount: 33%
Maximum value the quorum can change to after participation adjustment.’s Recent Updates:

Registry items are updating properly.

DAO Balance; is more visible in the Transfer Funds Popup.
Decimals system refined.

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