SEB Proposal #11 - NFT Batch Transfer Proposal Page

NFT Batch Transfer Proposal - Treasury Transfer
Testing a larger batch of NFT transfers.

30 #CleanNFTs Will also be transferred with a second Proposal.

    "kind": "temporary",
    "id": "proto.011-PtHangz2.michelson_v1.runtime_error",
    "contract_handle": "KT19CF3KKrvdW77ttFomCuin2k4uAVkryYqh"
    "kind": "temporary",
    "id": "proto.011-PtHangz2.michelson_v1.script_rejected",
    "location": 838,
    "with": {
      "prim": "Pair",
      "args": [
          "string": "FAIL_PROPOSAL_CHECK"
          "string": "LARGE_PROPOSAL"

Test Failed
30 NFTs in one transfer was too many. - Fails Proposal Check.

Testing 10 Transfers
This proposal will attempt to transfer 10 NFTs to the New DAO Treasury
Contract Address KT1HZrCKjX7y1WBD13JbHKUUiRMsk1ajtDqT.

15 NFT Transfers in one Proposal was also possible.
20 NFT transfers OK.
21 NFT transfers OK.

This Proposal #11 will be multiple Proposals - As NFT Transfer from DAO v2 to DAO v3 will require multiple proposals.

To speed up the process 10 Million SEB tokens have been minted. TEMPORARILY After the NFT transfer process has been completed the 10 Million SEB will be burned, and the supply will come back to its initial amount of 1 Million.

One other thing I wanted to test was weather the new Token Supply would be recognized by the DAO. It was not. Initial Supply at the Time of Creation of the DAO is what is Registered into the DAOs configuration. If the Supply Increases, or Decreases, the % Amount Needed for ‘Qorum’ will remain the same.

Quick explanation of above,
DAO is Generated with Token Supply of 1 Million.
Quorum is set to 20%, Meaning 200,000 Votes are Need to make a decision.
10 Million additional Tokens are Minted.
The Quorum does EDIT! !!not automatically update to 2.2 Million.
*(IT DID UPDATE) With the increased Governance_token_supply - The Quorum increased to 1.2 Million SEB)
A DAO specification Proposal would need to pass to change this setting. Which has not been implemented into Homebase yet, but will be in the future.

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The first batch of 10 NFTs migrating to the new DAO contract was successful.

You can check out the operation here on Tzkt

We will now be transferring more NFTs. This Proposal 11 - Part 2 Transfer will be moving 15 #OBJKT NFTs in one proposal.

Here is the link to the #11 Part 2 proposal on homebase.

7 Proposals - Batch Transferring 20 NFTs each - were executed at one time.

There are 3 more proposals being created now to transfer the remaining NFTs and Tokens in the Old treasury.

thanks for the information