SEB Proposal #13 - Migration to SEBDAO V5... or?

This proposal is being made to start preparing to migrate to the new V3 Contracts on

This will cause the creation of SEBDAO V5.

Lets use this thread to come up with a plan and update the registry in SEBDAO V4 as the plan gets formulated.

  1. Request assistance from Developers to have a quick and smooth migration.

  2. Come up with the Specs for the new DAO.

  3. Ask members their opinion on how the DAO can evolve.

  4. Come up with a new strategy for bringing in active users and helping current members migrate as effortlessly as possible.

  5. New DAO = New Business Plan = New Opportunities.

  6. Debate if a Completely New DAO should be created with its focus on its business Plan instead of “Upgrading” SEBDAO V4 into V5.

Debate is Open. Open for Comments.

Thank you for contributing to SEBDAO.

Sebuh Honarchian