SEBDAO V4 Dissolution and SEB Rug

SEB token development has made some recent discoveries that would require a new token contract. Among other things that need to be revised to make this project viable.

SEBDAO V4 will be dissolved. All assets of value will be withdrawn.

Remaining assets will likely be auctioned off to hopefully new owner of SEB that will accept administration rights of the token.

I don’t have much energy left to continue on with this project. I’m nearing the point of giving up and marking this whole experience completely a magnificent lesson.

Many people in Tezos hate this project. Let’s just let it die and rest in peace.

Everyone kept saying I would Rug the token. So here I am. I am now rugging. I hope you are happy with the wishes you all projected onto me

SEB token admin rights will be sent to an Emblem Vault and Auctioned off on Opensea with what SEB tokens I have remaining after I have pilfered the coffers of the treasury for the most valuables.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.


sad news. do you need help with your project?