Serokell Streamlines Focus and Morley Deprecation Plans

Serokell has been actively participating in several initiatives and areas within the Tezos ecosystem. Today, we are excited to announce our collaboration with Tezos Foundation to streamline our focus on the most popular and in-demand tools and libraries. While some of our projects will be deprecated, we want to assure you that we will continue to maintain them for the next two protocol activations, including “protocol N,” before discontinuing active support.

The impacted tools and libraries are part of the Morley framework, including morley, lorentz, cleveland, morley-client, indigo, morley-ledgers, morley-metadata, morley-multisig, morley-upgradeable and the morley-debugger extension. These tools are necessary in developing some smart contracts such as Tezos BTC and Stablecoin. We will continue to provide support for these smart contracts, ensuring that any future bugs or security issues are addressed.

Going forward, we’ll focus on our most popular tools and libraries; Agora, Kiln, Tezos-packaging and Tandoor. Doing so, we are confident that our efforts will better serve the needs of the community. We welcome any comments or questions you may have and are here to help those who might be affected during this transition period.


Have you been in touch with any of the teams operating tzBTC (ex. Bitcoin Suisse) regarding the deprecation? What are the ramifications for tzBTC?

No, we haven’t been directly in touch with those teams.

As for the ramifications for tzBTC: the deployed smart contract(s) will not be affected, of course. Being already on-chain, they’ll be able to use it in the future as well.

The main consequence for tzBTC is about its source code, whose dependencies won’t be updated after protocol “N” is activated. The compiled Michelson code however will still be available and working, so it will remain possible to deploy the same smart contract again.

Moreover, as mentioned in the announcement, we’ll address bugs or security issues, should they arise.

Note: all of this applies to stablecoin as well.

Appreciate the response, and glad to confirm bugs/security issues will be addressed. It would be a nice gesture to directly reach out to the teams utilizing the code base so they don’t suddenly find out about this when an issue arrises, and they have a heads up.