Smart contracts in SQL

I have already asked this on Twitter on occasion and I have not gotten any answer, that’s why I come here, if it is not the forum please move it.

I have seen that some blockchains that are allowing to create smart contracts in SQL, would this be possible in Tezos? I am a SQL developer and I would love to be able to create contracts in Tezos, it is one of the most used languages and I think it would attract a lot of DEVs. I don’t know if this is possible, I just leave it as an idea.

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What blockchains allow SQL? All smart contracts in Tezos must be written Michelson (or transpiled to Michelson) You’d have to create some sort of external oracle in order to access DB functionality.

For example
we don’t need an oracle, we need a SQL interpreter → Michelson I don’t know if this is possible hence my question