Support for TezGraph Ends January 6, 2023

Hello Tezos Ecosystem.

Several years ago, we set out to build TezGraph - a GraphQL indexer API for Tezos data. In addition to bringing great GraphQL features to the Tezos ecosystem, the goals of this project included adding value to and helping productize the underlying Nomadic Labs Tezos Indexer and creating a self-hostable indexing option for teams and projects not comfortable relying on 3rd party indexing solutions.

Our open-source partners, peers, and friends at Agile Ventures co-developed TezGraph with us. The Agile Ventures team were owners of the subscription capabilities of TezGraph, allowing users to subscribe to operations of interest on the Tezos blockchain as it happens.

We are proud of the product launched by our TezGraph team in June 2022. Building an API layer on top of a rapidly evolving third-party indexer while collaborating with partners on feature development was challenging, but our team prevailed and achieved their goals.

However, the project has not acquired significant users since its release, and Tezos Foundation funding for the project ended on October 31, 2022. ECAD Labs provided the Tezos Foundation with an option to continue funding TezGraph maintenance and support while engaging in product/market fit analysis, but we understand they do not wish to fund this work.

While ECAD Labs has continued to maintain TezGraph and provide free-to-use public TezGraph APIs for mainnet and testnets since our project funding expired, we must now wind down our support for this project and shut down the public TezGraph servers on Friday, January 6, 2023.

Given the current economic climate, competing products, and potential size of the Tezos customer base, we don’t see a viable commercialization opportunity for TezGraph at this time.

TezGraph is published under MIT open-source licensing, can be self-hosted, and currently supports Lima tezos protocol. If you currently use the free public TezGraph servers and need support transitioning to a self-hosted service, please reach out, and our team will assist if they can. Interested parties can fork the project and maintain it independently.

We want to thank our ecosystem partners, the amazing Agile Ventures team, and Philippe Wang of Nomadic Labs for collaborating on this product. And finally, of course, we are grateful for the past financial support from the Tezos Foundation that made this work possible in the first place.

The ECAD Labs Team

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Sad to read this but totally understandable. Thanks for the detailed post and explanation. Now everything is clear. Hopefully better times will come soon too Tezos (in an economic sense)