Taking a look at the TF Vested Accounts and the recent surge of activity in them

In the past month of May i was able to see that many of the Vested accounts had a significant surge of activity , specifically on the dates of May 11th 2021 and May 18th 2021. In hopes of understanding and for clarity reasons can we get a comment from The Foundations on what has been going with these accounts in question. All of these accounts were cleared out on those dates for reference to anyone reading.

TF Vesting Accounts #9-#24

And i would also like to ask about this address TzStats - Tezos Block Explorer by Blockwatch which is linked to TF bakers and Vested Accounts and is shown through its transactions that is directly sending to Huobi ,Gate ,Bitfinex and kraken a total sum of over 15 million tezos.

TzStats - Tezos Block Explorer by Blockwatch to TzStats - Tezos Block Explorer by Blockwatch to TzStats - Tezos Block Explorer by Blockwatch to TzStats - Tezos Block Explorer by Blockwatch to TzStats - Tezos Block Explorer by Blockwatch to TzStats - Tezos Block Explorer by Blockwatch and finally to the address in question TzStats - Tezos Block Explorer by Blockwatch

I have not been able to do a full thorough Chain analysis my self so this is about 45 minutes of just going through random transactions connected to TF Vested accounts. I have seen many of the Tezos in the vested accounts being sent to Coinbase Custody and a few here and there to some smart contracts, but at the end of the day there is no clarity to these transactions so i am here to try to clear any confusion up if the TF can help. Thanks.


Well, we know who is always suppressing the price. TF would you just stop voluntarily dumping on us please? Thank you.


WTF? I’ll send this to the SEC, no wonder why price in the XTZ/BTC chart is so suppressed.

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That address you provided I believe belongs to Bitcoin Suisse, not TF. It would be connected because TF also used them for custody.


Can we also get some clarity on 9 of these unknown bakers that have 898 rolls each that are all also directly linked to the TF. These Bakeries were funded by TzStats - Tezos Block Explorer by Blockwatch
which has direct links to TF Bakeries and to the account that was sending tezos to multiple exchanges.

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omg, they have more bakers? @tezosfoundation? Can you clarify us kindly what’s up with those bakers? And all those voted “pass”.

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Why can’t TF bakeries just stop earning rewards? Or airdrop the rewards to the rest of the community or start an on-chain development fund with the rewards, or burn the rewards? It seems counter productive to have one entity who happens to own a large chunk of tezos to also earn a huge percentage of the rewards. All those tezzies will eventually have to be dumped on the market. If they could find a way to return at least part of it to the community, that would be so much better.

The rewards are just to offset inflation. Not baking would just be a wealth transfer from TF to staked rolls. They are using their wealth anyway to fund development as is documented in the biannual reports.

There are valid discussions to be had about the size of the TF and their spending patterns but most of this discussions just come down to “TF give us all your money” in one form or another.

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Are you sure it’s unrelated to the distribution of DLS funds? The dates seem to add up.


I understand that rewards merely offset inflation. The problem is that TF is such a huge player in the market. All the tezos they own and the tezos they earn eventually have to be absorbed by the market. The market has clearly been unable to absorb all that extra volume. What is wrong with a small wealth transfer (reward percentage) to staked rolls? Many projects have a burn or airdrop program in place. We are talking 5% of TF funds being transferred to the community. I really don’t see an issue there.

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If You look at DLS funds which was alot more significant and was actually coming from “Vested Accounts” directly those funds were moved to coinbase Custody which i assume is the DLS funds. All this extra stuff is unclarified. You can Also look at those Addresses your self and cross reference dates and see when funds were moved sold and sent to other addresses. There is a lot of mixing involved as well

The biggest issue for me is the lack of clarity, the amount of vagueness and the secrecy of everything happening. Biannual reports dont cover any of this and you are not seeing any TF Members, Arthur or anyone in charge of these funds coming forward or clarifying anything, are you? The community has been asking, begging, and demanding transparency since 2018. Nothing has come of it.

The complacency is whats been instilled in us and that is what continues to enrich everyone with an actual Salary here that has completely different agendas then the people who invested in tezos. To continue paying salaries, the TF must continue to bake and receive income, and for them to continue to pay salaries they must continue to liquidate their baking rewards. The cash flow must continue , so we see here a catch 22. Where an entity does not want to give up control or take a step back because thats when they have to stop paying themselves. But if the control was given back to the community then prices would be able to have actual discovery because the endless pressure from the top would have been evaporated. If i was in the TF and i was payed a comfortable salary, no way in hell would i want to give that up and let go of the control. Put your self in their shoes and things will become clear.


And the way i look at it is, Imagine hiring a contractor to build a deck or a foundation for your house, after this contractor is payed in the sum of 200 million $ + he now also owns 25% of your house and collects 25% of all rental income you make in perpetuity. Does this sounds right to you?

And this Idea of Tezos being somewhat like rental income is not an idea i made up. This is how it can be seen and compared to in reference to this forbes article.

TF are a bunch of bandits, they said they were going to turn of bakers once the network was bootstrapped, and that was a lie.

A liquidity crisis is the exact opposite of this.

Well for starters, the SEC Digital Framework Guidance is exactly against doing this sort of thing.

The issue is with the SEC specifically calling out these sorts of actions.


The only option the TF has at their disposal is to shut down their bakers and just hold/sell their holdings or re delegate their holdings to public bakers or to continue baking and change nothing.

The option that the community has is to create, inject and vote on a proposal to be able to burn their baking rewards. (This is something the TF cannot do themselves legally from what i understand) So it has to be community driven if this option were to be contemplated.

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Could we have a clarification from Arthur or the Tezos Foundation on this ?

We also demand an explanation from Arthur or TF on this matter.

Does anyone do any research for themselves here? The address belongs to Bitcoin Suisse. They provide custody to the Tezos Foundation as well as for thousands of other clients

So Bitcoin Suisse is actively dumping TF baker tezos…ok, glad that doesnt cause concern for anyone. Great to know we have 0 knowledge of how much of TF tezos is actually being used for Bitcoin Suisse custody… how about the 9 unknown bakers that have exactly 898 rolls each? any clarity on that? or the multitude of other private bakers that has links to TF bakers that are popping up. I mean all this is done privately, in secrecy, with no reports or information. We all have vested interest in tezos and all want to see the price go up, but are we just gonna assume and guess it just will by the grace of god without actually knowing anything whats going behind the scenes?

Maybe i am jumping to conclusions or assuming to much but does it not concern you that we are at the same price on tezos as when btc was 6k or at the same satoshi value as 2019 or that we are literally negative in BTC and ETH price since ICO which happened 4 years ago (july 2017) by a significant amount . Thank sake bitcoin has been outpacing $ price more then we have been going down or we would be down on dollars as well. With all this information that has to be dug up on who is selling what, who is divesting what, who is custodial of this or who ownes that, with 0 clarity still from TF or actual hard concrete statements of whats going on behind the scenes . Im pretty sure im justified in assuming the price is being negatively impacted by some downward pressure of whatever is going on behind their magical castle of secrecy.

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Now you have got me confused.

Is the problem that the TF is selling off their tez and suppressing the price?
Or is the problem that the TF is holding onto all their tez since they dont want to give up power?