Taqueria Moving to Pinnacle Labs

Since 2021, ECAD Labs has poured its passion and expertise into building the Taqueria development workflow environment, creating a powerful tool that has simplified the process of developing, testing and deploying applications on the Tezos blockchain.

However, the time has come to pass the torch and let a former member of our team become the full-time steward of the Taqueria project. We set out to solve a hard problem - and while there is still much work to be done - we are proud of what we accomplished. ECAD Labs has published its final public development report on the Taqueria project, found here.

Over the coming days, ECAD Labs will transfer Taqueria to Pinnacle Labs, headed by Michael Weichert, the former Technical Engineering Lead and Senior Software Engineer for the Taqueria team. We are confident that Pinnacle Labs shares our vision and will ensure the ongoing success of Taqueria.

Pinnacle Labs will manage all Taqueria feature and support requests. Be sure to connect with them on Discord and Github.

We are immensely thankful to the Tezos community, developers, stakeholders, and the Tezos Foundation for their support and contributions.

We’re confident Taqueria will continue to thrive under Pinnacle Labs, benefiting the Tezos developer community. Cheers to Taqueria’s next chapter!

ECAD Labs Inc. will continue as the maintainer of Taquito, the web3 library for Tezos and Signatory, a Tezos Remote Signer. ECAD is steadfastly committed to the Tezos ecosystem.


The ECAD Labs Team


Taqueria is a great tool.
All the best to Pinnacle Labs for continuing the job =)

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Dear ECAD Labs Team and the Tezos community,

I’d like to begin by expressing my deep appreciation for the ECAD Labs team and their exceptional work on the Taqueria project. Over the years, ECAD Labs has demonstrated a dedication and expertise that has resulted in creating a robust and effective tool for the Tezos ecosystem. Their commitment has inspired developers like me and has significantly elevated the overall Tezos development landscape.

I’m both thrilled and humbled that Pinnacle Labs is taking over the maintenance of the Taqueria project. We understand the weight of responsibility that this transition brings, and we want to assure everyone that we are fully committed to upholding the high standards set by ECAD Labs. We regard this transition not merely as a shift of responsibilities, but as an opportunity to build upon the strong foundation that has been laid and to continue pushing the boundaries of what Taqueria can achieve.

Our team at Pinnacle Labs shares the vision that the ECAD Labs team has imparted on Taqueria. We will continue to evolve and improve the project, taking into account the invaluable feedback from the community, and keep pushing for the betterment of the Tezos developer ecosystem.

Please note that, moving forward, all feature requests and support queries will be managed by us. You can connect with us on Discord and Github, where we’ll be updating the community regularly about our progress and plans. We’re eager to learn from your insights, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us.

Lastly, I want to thank the Tezos community, developers, stakeholders, and the Tezos Foundation for their unwavering support to Taqueria. It is you who make this project truly valuable, and it is your needs and ideas that guide our work.

We are excited for the next chapter of Taqueria, and we are committed to ensuring its ongoing success and relevance in the Tezos ecosystem.

Thank you,

Michael Weichert
Chief Architect, Taqueria Project
Pinnacle Labs