Taquito: New v.17 Releases

Taquito: New v.17 Releases

Hello there, it’s been quite some time since we’ve updated you here, but we’d like to share all the exciting stuff we’ve been working on in Taquito.

With the recent release of Protocol Nairobi, we bring you Taquito v17.0.0 and v17.1.0.

Protocol Nairobi released some significant changes we’ve addressed in these versions.

Taquito v17.0.0

Protocol Nairobi came with notable significant changes:

  • Some manager operations’ gas limit costs now vary depending on their signature scheme and length of the operation.
  • The operation’s sc_rollup_cement result has been updated with a new field.

Aside from Nairobi support, we’ve also made user experience improvements in v17.0.0:

  • A new feature called EventAbstraction provides an abstraction to Events being emitted by smart contracts (similar to ContractAbstraction)
  • Improved custom error classes across multiple Taquito packages to have a clear hierarchy and error messages

For more details, see our release notes at: Release Taquito v17.0.0 · ecadlabs/taquito · GitHub

Taquito v17.1.0

After Protocol Nairobi changes, we took the opportunity to address several user requests and continue on user experience improvements:

  • Upgraded RxJS version from v6.6.3 to v7.8.1
  • Upgraded TS version to v4.2.4
  • Continued improvements of custom error classes in multiple packages
  • Implemented a new feature that exposes the injector in the TezosToolkit class, allowing users to customize injectors

For more details, see our release notes at: Release Taquito v17.1.0 · ecadlabs/taquito · GitHub

:bulb: Note there may be breaking changes related to RxJS, TS upgrades, and error class updates, depending on how you use Taquito.

Earlier major releases

Taquito v16.0.0 — Mumbai support

Taquito v16.1.0 — Support for smart rollup operations

Taquito v16.2.0 — Error class improvements and michel-codec update to support complex arguments

A full list of Taquito releases can be found here: Releases · ecadlabs/taquito · GitHub


Now that we’re done with bullet points, we’d like to give kudos to the team and all contributors! These releases would never have been possible without the amazing collaboration of the Taquito team and the support of the great Tezos ecosystem.

What’s next?

We look forward to supporting the upcoming protocol updates, finalizing error improvements, and adding more exciting features for you all in the upcoming releases!