Telegram Announcements Channel

As you all now. We have this Announcements channel at Telegram, with close to 2000 members until today.

Behind this channel is a group of 30 People, dedicated to search for news on all available channels.

If you are a developer and want to announce something important, we would appreciate to hear it first from you.

Please contact Zed for details.


The Tezos Telegram Channel, of all our comm channels, is probably the most rapidly updated. The mods maintaining the channel jump on news within minutes of publication, and constantly have their wide band, omni-directional antenna tuned to news about Tezos. So, developers and projects, coordinate release with those news hounds.

There was a request to strip trackers from URLs posted to the announcement channel. While the idea is good, I’m not sure it’s fair to put the responsibility to strip trackers on those mods (or that they will not break the link by removing something essential). It seems better to maintain vigilance on the terminal/browser end. The Telegram Announcement channel is a chronological heap where news found about Tezos is dumped by cut and paste. The channel does not originate news. I’m with all of you that don’t want to be tracked, though, and use various means on my end to make life difficult for the hunters.