Tenderbake - Connection to IBC (Cosmos Ecosystem) possible?

Tenderbake has as we know a lot of similarities to Tendermint. Once it is implemented, how hard is it to include the IBC (inter blockchain communication) module? With this module we would be able to connect in a permissionless manner to the whole Cosmos ecosystem (Luna, Cosmos, Osmosis DEX, Band, Sentinel, Juno, Akash and many more). I see some potential there for Tezos. Is this something that the team is aware? Any pros and cons from @NomadicLabs @murbard?


From my understanding, Tezos would have to build a side bridge to be connected. Just because Tezos is implementing tendermint consensus, this doesn’t mean we are attached to IBC.

I believe @murbard has mentioned we would lose more from a bridge than we would gain. In other words we would just be making Cosmos stronger.