Tez Capital: TezPeak with Adaptive Issuance support has been released!

:information_source: A version version of TezPeak has been released. This version fixes the upcoming/past rights view and updates the “baker” version to include the latest Adaptive Issuance terminology.

To update TezPeak:

tezbake upgrade --peak
tezbake start --peak

To ensure you’re running the right version after the upgrade:
tezbake version --all
(note: version should be tezpeak 0.2.2 - Vinson

:closed_book: After updating, always check your node’s operation using TezBake and using TzKT’s schedule view

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Can you please recall what TezPeak is?

Yessir, TezPeak is a GUI interface for TezBake (aka BakeBuddy).

How to install: How to Bake with Peak GUI | docs.tez.capital