TezBake (a.k.a. BakeBuddy) update for ParisC

TezBake (a.k.a. BakeBuddy), with Octez 20.1/ParisC support has been released! **

:warning: The Octez 20.1/ParisC update is highly recommended for all Tezos node operators and bakers to address an issue with Etherlink withdrawals to L1. We ask that you update by June 25th (block #5,898,241).

To update your baker using TezBake run:
tezbake upgrade

To ensure you’re running the right version after the upgrade:
tezbake version --all

:closed_book: For full update instructions see How to Update | docs.tez.capital

:ballot_box_with_check: After updating, always check your node’s operation using TezBake and using TzKT’s schedule view

:closed_book:Read more about ParisC here: Nomadic Labs - Announcing ParisC: a critical liveness bugfix for Tezos Smart Rollups