TezBox (the dev sandbox tool): Available for your pleasure

The Tez Capital organization is very happy to announce TezBox to all devs & tinkerers in the Tezos ecosystem!

What is TezBox?

TezBox is a tezos sandbox that allows you to run a minimal local tezos chain with a single command. It is designed to be a simple and easy to use tool for developers who want to quickly test their smart contracts or dapps on a local tezos chain.

Which Tezos protocols are supported?

Currently the oxfordbox and parisbox (Paris B) protocols are supported.

Future development

TezBox is going to follow official Octez releases and tags. You can expect new release shortly after the official release of the new Octez versions and protocols.

We would like to introduce tezbox minimal image with only the Octez node, baker, client and the minimal configuration eventually. But there is no ETA for this feature yet.


Now that’s a name I hadn’t seen in a while!!


We’re taking the name back!

Awesome :heart:

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